Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is--his good, pleasing and perfect will. Romans 12:2

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Do you know who you are?

            Think back to when you were a little girl. Did you ever play dress up? Maybe pretend to be a cheerleader or rock star or even a princess? Well, guess what, time to break out the tiaras again because I have some amazing news for you—if you are a follower of Christ, you are princess! That’s right, all girls (big or little or in-between) that have put their faith in Jesus are God’s children. Since God is the King of Kings, and the daughter of the King is a princess, then we are princesses! Pretty cool, huh? There is something more important going on here though and we cannot just accept Christ, but we also must accept who we are in Christ! You see, God does not just want you to be some spoiled, pampered princess living in a castle; instead, he wants you to realize you are loved, special and called to do something beyond yourself!

                First, realize that God loves you. Period. He doesn’t love you for the grades you make or the friends you have. He doesn’t care about what clothes you have or how perfect your hair is or isn’t. He loves you just as you are! He made you, just the way you are! He wants you to be who you are! He doesn’t want you to conform to others. He wants you to conform to Him. He wants you to love him back!

                Second, you are special. God has a perfect, detailed plan just for you. He has had it planned since before you were born. No one else can live the life God has for you. It’s for you and you alone. That’s where the third thing comes in- he has called you to do something beyond yourself. Something you never, ever thought you could do and he is preparing you for it right now! It’s part of his plan and all he wants is for you to open your heart to Him.  

                The question is, are you ready? Are you ready to accept that God loves you? Are you ready to accept that God believes you are special? Are you ready to accept that God has something planned just for you? If you are, then this is place for you! Girl Time is all about taking time to discover who you are in Christ and learning what he has planned for each and every one of you. I hope you’ll stick around to see what message He will have for you each week (and tell you friends, you might be surprise by how many need to be reminded of who they are!) If you don’t know Christ, we would love to introduce you! There is a tab at the top you can click on to learn more about our amazing Savior!


Thank you for each precious soul reading this! We are so thankful that you do love us and think we are special. We are excited about the plans you have for us and hope that you will use this place as encouragement for each princess who reads it!


                Galatians 4:7;  Romans 8:16-17;  John 3:16;  Matthew 10:29-31   


  1. What an awesome entry!! It was hard being a teenager. Those were by far the hardest years. I wish I hadn't been so concerned with what other kids thought. It made me try to be like them, dress like them, and act like them. Now looking back I'm so glad I found my way out of that trap and realized who I really was. Now looking back 13 years ago from high school graduation I'm so glad I didn't give in just to earn a friend, because I hardly speak to them now. What a waste it would have been. Thanks for the amazing blog!

  2. That is an awesome analogy. I read this and said to myself, A princess,really? But it made since. I used to always act like a princess, I still do with my little sister but never actually felt like a princess. Now I feel like one because I know He is king and I am His chlid. Reading this opened my eyes a little and I know I will share this concept to girls who don't know they are really princesses. Thanks for letting me know I am a princess.